Original Style Monocoques - How long does it take to completion ?


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Looking at the forum history over the past ten or so years there have been several FAV style monocoque car started with only a few completed, and these were outfitted and finished by professional workshops.
Build logs show that the hobbyist takes a long time - about 8-10 years.

How many do you think there are out there that are actually in build or have been completed ?


I know of 3 MkI and 1 MkII all monocoques in Norway , that includes mine. The MkII I belive will be almost ready, this one will only go for racing, the MkI will be road cars.

I think that building time for a mono with body and on wheels today can be aprox
6 months more or less, All jigs tooling etc is ready to just make the stuff.