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    Holley Stealth Terminator EFI

    Has anyone with the Rousch 402 motor replaced the Holley 770 with the Holley Stealth Terminator EFI? Holley EFI 550-441K Terminator Stealth EFI Master Kit-Hard Core Gray - Holley Performance Products Looks like a straightforward swap. Does anyone have any info?
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    Knock Knock

    Unfortunately, this is not the start of a joke thread! While driving around the other day, I developed a pretty nasty mechanical knocking that started low and progressed much louder over just a couple of miles. Engine sputters and lurches, but I have not lost fluids or noticeably blown anything...
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    new to the gt40

    hello: i always wanted a gt40 ford...i have had 9 shelby gt350 mustangs.three cobras, one clone...i now have an original gt350 mustang gt350 and would trade it for a gt40...........so i'am going sell or trade my gt350 for a gt40. either an era or a cav or sp gt40. thanks for having me! domenic