1. N

    Recovery tank height?

    Do you need to mount the coolant recovery tank at a certain height on the car? Meaning does it need to be above the engine or does it not matter?
  2. N

    Radiator Vent Line

    I am working on installing my cooling system. I installed the radiator and I’m now adding the coolant tubes. Doing some research on this site, I now know that I need an expansion tank and an overflow tank. I’m planning on using a coyote motor (no disparaging comments please) and I don’t...
  3. J

    Fuel tank size and dimensions

    I am at the point of letting a local welding company make me some fuel tanks for my KVA build. I want dual tank setup with baffles and no foam. As in experiance Foam has issues with ethanol blended fuels. Whats the average fuel tank capacity for a single tank?? Does anyone have...
  4. lobelsteve

    LS7 coolant expansion tank?

    GT-R build thread in other forum. Need an expansion tank and want to fit the needs of the car. Attached PDF of diagram that I think is correct. LS7, Superlight radiator, Superlight Vintage Air unit, Heater valve for LS7 ordered from Chevs of the 40s: OAP50-1555. Factory tank with no...
  5. KENS80V

    FS USA C7 Corvette dry sump tank with Aviaid insert

    SOLD This is the factory OEM dry sump tank for the C7 Corvettes. Ideal if you are installing a LT4 engine. This tank was sent to Aviaid to develop a tank insert similar to the C6 Corvette tank. This is their first insert made. The tank was disassembled and meticulously cleaned and then...
  6. C

    FS USA Fuel Tank Pickup tubes

    -SOLD- Fuel Tank Pickup tubes These are two spare fuel tank pickups with gasket that came with my RCR GT-40. An AN8 bulkhead fitting, tip over valve, or vent fitting can be used in the spare hole. $20 for both plus shipping from Colorado.
  7. D

    Fuel Filling and Venting

    My car had an issue with a fuel smell in the garage and cockpit. The tank vent was a simple line that went up above the level of the tank and then down to the bottom of the frame. The smell was corrected with the addition of a valve Fuel Cell Pressure Relieving Vent Valve, In-Line, 6AN Male |...
  8. P

    Coolant tank scratch build.

    Thought I would share some pictures of the coolant tank I built. The old tank was simply terribly wrong and I hated it. So I finally had a day to mock one up out of cardboard then fabricate an aluminum one from scratch. Way better! I hope you guys approve!
  9. C

    Fuel fill hose

    Does anyone have a part number and source handy for the fuel filler hose connecting the tank to fuel door? Thanks!
  10. C

    Thoughts on fuel tank temperature?

    I'm working on installing the fuel tank and fuel system. I had planned to install a closeout panel behind the tank, between it and the engine. I then started thinking about what kind of temperatures the tank goes through. With the engine right next to it, does the tank heat soak? Ultimately...
  11. Cobra

    Fuel System Reconfiguration

    The original builder/owners of this car took an interesting, but less preferable approach for the twin tank fuel system. Each tank has a dedicated pump, filter, regulator and gauge feeding one bank of cylinders. This means both pumps need to operate full time. See attached system diagram...
  12. E

    Earl's Build

    So I figured it was time to start a build thread being that my son had time to post pictures for me as I'm an idiot with computers. The first thing I started was the radiator shroud. After reading a bit on here about people saying that most of the time they needed both fans on I thought that...
  13. M

    Coolant System Overflow Tank

    I am working on the details of the cooling system and have the pressurized "Header" tank worked out. In looking at the overflow tank, I have a -4AN fitting going to a 1/8th NPT at the top of the tank, and a drain at the bottom. Shouldn't there be a hose connected to the NPT thread going to the...
  14. M

    LS Steam Tube

    I have read in the Superlite Build Manual that the steam tube from the LS motor can be run straight to the Header (pressurized) tank in the coolant system rather than run to the radiator and back to the header tank. That would certainly make things easier, but is it better? I plan to mount the...