1. Ron Earp

    Critical Thinking and You!

    An older article on Critical Thinking but very pertinent to The Paddock. 6 Critical Thinking Skills You Need to Master Now
  2. T

    Glad to be here!

    Hey guys, my name is Tres and I'm new to the forum. I'm thinking about building an SLC but I've never seen one in person. Did any of you guys build this car without having seen one or did you visit Superlite Cars in person?
  3. L

    2005 GT Front Clam ?

    Is there a way to mod a GT40 front clam shell and hood to work on a 2005 GT ? I am thinking about a buying a 2005 GT with a smashed front end.
  4. N

    Weber ida fire extinguisher nozzle positions

    Just wondering where the best position to place my fire extinguisher nozzles in the engine bay. Not sure where the most likely place for fires to start, was thinking pointing them at the 4 gauze's between the carbs, would this be correct.
  5. J

    Entering the GT40 world

    Hi guys, Just joined the forum and have been reading through lots of GTforte build logs. Im getting realy tempted to go ahead with my dream of building my own GT40 soon since Ive finally got my garage at home all sorted. Thinking of taking the route of welding up a GTforte chassis kit...
  6. M

    Saying hello

    Hello my name is Martin,I'm living in Ireland and I'm hoping to purchase a gt40 before the year is out,these cars are super rare in Ireland so I think I'll have to import,I was thinking of buying a 69 mustang but now the gt40 bug is after biting.
  7. P

    Wheels! please chime in!

    I am looking at getting a new set of wheels. Maybe keep the ones I have as an extra set or may be sell them or sell/trade for some goodies. I am looking for your help/advice. I really love the gold wheels that were on the Bailey black #2 car, those are perfect! I am deciding between those or...