1. N

    Tour Auto 2018 - DK Engineering & The GT40

    Tour Auto 2018 - DK Engineering & The GT40 - YouTube
  2. J


    Hi All just thought I would let you know . I am taking my 40 for MOT on Friday . She is insured and its our 1st outing on the road . So looking forward tour 1st outing getting a bit excited really ... So wish me luck all . Will let you all know how it goes ...... John...
  3. C

    RCR Visit

    I was in town this week with a large group of automotive trainers so I arranged a tour and took a couple friends to visit. I'd been there before but didn't get a chance to meet Fran because he was on holiday. However he was in the house this week and gave us a grand tour. All I can say is Fran...
  4. MHNCO

    Tour Optic 2000