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    My homebuilt at Bonneville 2017. Jimglo all-aluminum tilt trailer.
  2. L

    Time critical: width of GTR for trailer clearance

    Hello all, I'm finally picking up my GTR after 3.5yrs. Out preparing the trailer and realizing I only have 77inches between fenders of enclosed trailer. I know the GTR is listed at 80inches which is 8 inches wider than my Mustang or Porsches. Anyone bring one home in their enclosed race...
  3. B

    Question Time

    I'm sure this happens to most people in this forum. You pull into the gas/petrol station with an interesting car on a trailer and someone starts talking to you about your car. This evening, I was accosted by a woman at the gas station who recognized my truck and trailer even though I didn't...
  4. PeteB

    SL-C Video

    A couple of local automotive photographers are starting their own on-line magazine. The first feature they're doing is on my SL-C. They're still working on the full video, but they just posted a nice trailer Shutterfuel - 480HP. 2500 LBS. HAND BUILT. ALL SUPERCAR...
  5. gsharapa

    GT40 Trailer Unload

    Bought a new Mission all aluminum trailer for my GT40 and took the car to the Texas Cobra Club Spring Meet/Event in San Marco, Texas. Running the Texas Hill Country with 135 Cobras was a blast for 4 days. Here is a video unloading my GT40 at the event. Unloading GT40 at Texas Cobra Club Meet...
  6. B

    Kwik Load Trailers?

    Has anyone tried to get a GT40 onto a "Kwik Load Trailer"? I saw one this weekend in the parking lot at the Misselwood Concours at Endicott College (nice local Concours). It has an interesting design. To tilt the trailer, you lock the trailer wheels, pull a couple of pins, and then slowly...
  7. B

    Trailer Brake Controller?

    Here's an appropriate topic for "The Paddock". Now that my wife bought a horse, she wants to get a horse trailer. That means I'll need to add an electric brake controller to my Toyota Tundra pickup truck. I started doing some research and there appears to be three types of controllers...