1. A

    MK I roof vent

    I want to add a roof vent to my MK I. I have the outside part, but not the interior box. Does anyone know where I can get one?? Thanks
  2. N

    Radiator Vent Line

    I am working on installing my cooling system. I installed the radiator and I’m now adding the coolant tubes. Doing some research on this site, I now know that I need an expansion tank and an overflow tank. I’m planning on using a coyote motor (no disparaging comments please) and I don’t...
  3. A

    MK I roof vent

    I have a GTD-40 and want to install a roof vent where can I find one? Thanks
  4. M

    Size of holes at plenum / dash interface

    Howdy. Northern climate (Minnesota) so definitely wast to have windshield defrosting available through the demister vent. The question is with the holes that go through the dash from the blower being much closer to the demister vent (through the interface between the dash and plenum) what...
  5. E

    930 transaxle puking fluid?

    I have a non-inverted 930. At the top towards the front of the unit there is a swivel fitting that vents fluid. The fititng does not connect to anything, it just sits exposed there pointed rearwards. Any time it's really hot outside, driven hard or on the dyno the vent fitting pukes fluid...
  6. PeteB

    A/C issues

    When the car is cold, the A/C is working correctly with low side pressure around 40 psi and vent air is 45 degrees with 85 degrees ambient air. However, after the car has been running for a while, the low side pressure is going to high (~60 psi), causing the trinary switch to disconnect the...
  7. K

    The Ultimate SL-C Exterior Body Modification Thread

    THE ULTIMATE SL-C EXTERIOR BODY MOD Thread!!!... I wanted to start a thread containing links and pictures regarding all of the body alterations that have ever been done (or that ever could be done) to the body of the SL-C (excluding headlights and taillights, see my other “...