1. C

    Underbody coatings

    What have folks used to coat the undersides of their bodies? I’m looking to try and quiet down any rock or wind generated noise. Same stuff for the wheel well liners and general bodywork? Or different based on location? Thanks, Cam
  2. MikeP

    Wind speed! 500mph +

    The fastest r/c planes don't have engines but are wind powered. All about Radio controlled "gliders" and the sport of Dynamic Soaring How it works Dynamic Soaring with RC Gliders Record speed 519mph for now.... Spencer, BSP, 519 MPH on Vimeo Pretty dangerous. If you get...
  3. B

    1030 in a Wind Tunnel.

    GT40 1030 at Ford's (Sverdrup) wind tunnel in 2002. 1030 was on loan to Ford while they developed the Ford GT which came out in 2003. GT40 1030 in a Windtunnel - YouTube The decals and stripe were added temporarily by Ford for some promo photos, but they didn't use the photos because...