1108 at Bonhams Goodwood in two weeks

There were 8 X GT40 racing ( practice only) at Goodwood yesterday and the Ford owned car FMC1 in Gulf colours was the course car with a new GT in white backing up...........fantastic spectacle.
Managed to speak to Adrian Newey 1038,Leo Voyazides 1005 ( my old car),Willie Green (JCB)
others were Christian Glasel,Shaun Lynn,John Hugenholtz,Richard Maeins,Hans Rausing.
There were 10 Cobras...2 of the fabulous Shelby Coupes.One of which driven by my friend John Whitmore.Ferraris everywhere.........

What a day...........all for £20.
Green with envy, a squillion miles away.......... /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/frown.gif Must get there someday..
I was there on the Saturday for the Whitsun Trophy. I saw Fords heritage cars P1008 the GT40 MK1 in gulf colours wearing BRM 5 spoke wheels (off a P68 3 litre). But I thought the white GT backup car was the Ford GT40 MkIII road car?
Adrians Newley car was running a 351(5.7litre) engine.
I saw Desire Wilson who was racing one of the Daytona Coupes kissing the car for luck!.
Regards Allan


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