According to R Spains book, first I found was #1076 from 22-9-1968.... 302's first built in 1968., there are others after that date.
Thanks for that,just sat hear trying to decide on which motor to run and then try to spec it up ,it will be a 302 I think with a stroker kit and Ali heads with Ida's with a target hp of 400 and strong torque figures

Thanks for info Regards mark
Well they did run a few stroked to 302s to 325 cu in, 4" bore x 3.25 stroke ( known today as a 331- 4.030 x 3.25 ) IMHO the best of the stroker options for the SBF. They also had a couple of 351w derived engines at the tail end of the MK1 race action, I say derived because they were factory experimental blocks and heads with dropped combustion chambers etc.
Once again thanks for the info ,will be looking for a pre 75 block because of the test criteria, OK on the ideal stroke I wonder if you have any thoughts on a suitable cam for the setup
Hi Mark, I went with a 302 std stroke with internal/zero balance on a single Holley carb. I wanted a responsive road engine at around 375bhp and have certainly got that!
My block was a 1969 and was produced on 14 June which was Le Mans weekend, which is perfect for the car. I built a 'new' engine around this block. The block and parts were all supplied by Real Steel in Uxbridge, UK who have been excellent.
Cheers Roger
Oh and by the way Comp Cams do a decent cam selector program on their website. I went through that and came up with the same answer as a recommendation I'd had from a friend who has built several of these units. I'm pleased with the result, so it seems to work. Cheers Roger
I am building a Ford 331 stroker, hoping to make 450 Flywheel HP. I am using Comp Cam camshaft XE 282 hr. The build spec:

Ford 5.0 block.
Scat crank
flat top forged pistons
Victors jr 60cc heads
victor jr intake
xe 282 HR cam
Holley DP 750cm

Compression ratio is expected to be around 9.5 to 10:1
Thanks for all the help guys I really do appreciate your input, starting to get my head around the build now,
Is there any audible different between the two cam firing Orders? Will start looking for a block now
Just out of interest can anybody explain the origins of the 427 or point me in the direction of some interesting reading

Regards mark
The 427 is the high performance member of the FE family of Ford engines that was originally developed for NASCAR. How it came to be used in the GT40 program in MK2 guise is covered by most GT40 books that cover the USA side of the race program. Try here for lots technical detail:
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Hi Mark, I'm from Preston, I've got a 347 in mine with 48IDA's dynoed at Tim Adams Racing and produced 429 hip, you're more than welcome to pop round and have a look and chat if you want, tel.01772 743654
Thank you Walter, l think I am getting the picture now thanks to all your help,
Thanks for the invite John will take you up on that as soon as it is convenient for you if that is ok
Regards mark
I think I have seen you knocking about, I live in Leyland and work in Longton and have recently sold a red cobra , and just awaiting my Christmas present from sgt