A Few FAV Blueprints

I'm starting a thread for Original FAV Blueprints. I've gathered a few here and there over the years and the few that I have I'm sharing here in hope the others will share what they have.

Ever since I started on this path to insanity it seems besides owning or wanting to own a GT40 the other Holy Grail is to have a set of FAV blueprints. For you folks that are to young to remember the 60s and for those that don't remember for other reason, in the old days working copies of original drawings were blue in color and you could get a buzz smelling them right off the copier. This started when I ran acrossed a closed thread on the original GT40 gear shift knob which I happen to have a drawing for. After posting it in another thread I thought others may want more so here goes. I have more but haven't run acrossed them since my move 4 years ago. I'll start with the three I have handy and look for the rest. Please fell free you add whatever you have.


Let me say something here before we get to far along. I'm assuming all of the FAV drawings have passed into the public domain many moons ago and are not somehow still under copyright protection. Brand names like Ford and Ford GT are covered under trademark law (not the same thing) which can go on forever but not so copyright, if indeed they were ever copyrighted. So if they are still somehow covered under copyright protection and someone owns said copyright I apologise and will cease and desist posting any more drawings. I know that for some time someone on EBAY has been selling at least some of the original drawings and as far as I know they are free to do so. Anyone that thinks they own the copyright to this material should PM me ASAP!
I remember years ago seeing a bound set of original GT-40 (from Ford) drawings a guy had bought. So I would think it's like a book, but just because you bought the book doesn't mean you own the copyright to it. If there is a copyright lawyer out that can shade some light on the subject please post an opinion. I don't want anyone to get into trouble over this especially me.

Ron Scarboro

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Given what some folks have paid for complete drawings, I doubt you’ll get many posts. I wish I had them for “wall art” in the shop. :)
Drawing of bearing housing ending in 5293.
Does anyone know what size the bearing is supposed to be. It Doesn’t appear to be a common size. not a standard imperial fraction or metric whole size.
I could be wrong but I believe it's a spherical bearing that goes in the hole. Still a strange size. Also not sure the drawing answers any question.
Yes, it is very strange, I haven’t managed to locate it yet. I have been trying to draw up the plans but this just seems odd. I would like to add the spherical bearing to the cad model.


7/8" = 0.875"
0.875 - 0.048 - 0.048 = 0.779"
0.779 * 25.4 = 19.786mm OD of shaft to fit inside a 7/8" 0.048 wall tube...….
which will fit up nicely inside a 20mm ID spherical bearing, for a nice loose sliding fit. Presumably one would need to adjust the inner bore of the tube slightly to get a good fit.

Or I think you can get ¾” id spherical bearings for steering shafts that have an oversize ID to allow for a sliding fit.


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The correct bearing was still available a few years back. They were not cheap even then. If there is a sensible enough order, i will devote the time to searching hard drives for the invoice.