Beany's Drive-In (Thru) . . .

Robert S.

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Long Beach Kalifornia, 1952

"This gorgeous color gem of early 1950's America is as good as gets for time machine travel. Apparently made by the owners of Beany's Drive-In Hamburgers with a Beany & Cecil themed mascot rotating on top a-la 'Big Boy'. We have day and night views with plenty of drive-through cars and walk-up customers including a clean, crisp shot of the drive-up menu."

"Note the oil derricks in the background in some shots. I never realized drilling there included onshore. Very kitch."

"I count at least a dozen employees in there. Must've been doing some brisk business."

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Larry L.

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Just the shots of all the 'vintage tin' made the vid worth watching!

"Shakes/hamburgers 20 cents"..."Coffee/Coke/Root Beer/Orange 10 cents"..."French Fries 10 cents"???! Ouch! Of course, back then people earned a lot less, too. (Ain't 'inflation' great? :pleased: )

'Brought back a lot of fond memories...

(Edit: Go to Google Maps and enter "Ximeno Ave & Pacific Coast Hwy, Long Beach, CA". 'Vastly different so much else. There's a Burger King on one of the 4 corners today. If the Beany's vid had shown the cross street we might be able to tell if that's the lot Beany's occupied. 'Hard to say if the cars buzzing by in the vid were on the PCH or Ximeno. BOTH look like freeways today!) (I suppose one could call the B.K. and ask. The owner MIGHT know. Naaaaah...'too easy. ;) )
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