Can you identify this transaxle?

From Larry's car in Houston, I thought it was a Porsche 915 but not too sure.

Note the mounting flange on the back of the unit so maybe it's a G50... anyone?

The reason why is that my chassis is jigged for this and I'm now sourcing parts
for the build.


As Fran said definitely a 914 box. Not too strong especially in 1st. gear. I have seen an intermediate plate for this box that strengthens it somewhat, but is won't hold up well if abused especially behind a V-8. The good news, you don't have to flip the ring gear, and the shifter hookup is rather simple.

Randy V

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They came with the car, I believe they're C4 Corvette half-shafts modified accordingly.
Don't think so... I've rebuilt scores of C3 and C4 half-shafts - these ain't them..

What you have here look more like the bolt-on driveshaft between the transfer case and front differential on a 4x4 truck..

K2500 GM Driveshaft;

Looks like the shafts that Mid Engineering used in their mid engined chassis that they offered for kit cars. These are common parts.