Do you think you car is fast? think again

I know is Virtual but still gives you a feel for relative velocity. How do you think your SLC could do against the other road cars?
So your saying the Hyper car get the jump of the line, and then in the next shot the F1 is in front and then after 2 turns you can barely see the rest of the field, so lets say 1.5 seconds advantage over the hyper car. I'm calling BS. The Hyper cars are very good off the from a slow speed and accelerating out of slow corners, so I don't see where the F1 is able to gap it. its not like the power to weight or traction at those speeds are hugely in the F1s favor.
Wouldn't the F1's superior downforce and ability to maintain a higher speed while cornering negate a better acceleration departing corners for an LMP?