For Sale: rebuilt Audi 5N transaxle with reinforcement plate, LSD, & shifter

Hi All, this is only my second post here but if you check me out on Kit Central or VW Vortex (same username) you'll see I have several hundred posts to my name and I always try to be helpful wherever I can. In this case I wanted to let everyone know that I have decided to sell my Audi 5N transaxle and since it seems to be a really popular transaxle for the GT40's I thought I'd let you all know about it too. My reason for selling btw is that it will not meet my HP goals so on Wednesday I put a deposit down on a Mendeola instead.

This would be a very economical way to get a completely rebuilt transmission with limited slip into your car. It has been fully rebuilt with receipts totaling $4,500 and never put on the road. It includes a Porsche 944 Turbo limited slip differential and reinforcement plate at the rear cone. This transaxle is a longstanding, economical and road-proven transmission used for up to 400hp on the GT40, Diablo & other mid-engine cars. Gear ratios are:

1st gear - 3.60
2nd gear - 2.13
3rd gear - 1.36
4th gear - 0.97
5th gear - 0.73
final drive - 4.11

German Transaxle of America in Bend, Oregon (about 3 hours away from me) has a 3.875 ring & pinion in stock for $400 that will make it a better drive for your V8 if you really wanted to make this thing perfect. This would effectively make it an AAZ transmission which is the most desirable one to use with the V8s. For whatever engine adapter you need you can get it from [email protected] for an extremely reasonable price or call him at 214.606.2457. Feel free to mention my name when you call him if you want (Greg Downey).

I also have the shifter, shift cables, new in box custom-made CV Tech axles, and speedometer signal converter (this device converts the Audi speedo output into a signal your gauge can use - this is why you see so many "finished" cars with non-working speedos. Yours won't be one of them!) to go along with it so you can get a complete package all in one place. I'm asking $1,900 for the transaxle by itself (I'll include the speedo signal converter at this price) or $2,400 for the complete setup with shifter and axles. All of this is located in the Portland, Oregon area. I am very adept at packaging and shipping large items so I'm willing to load it all into boxes for you if you aren't able to get here and pick it up in person.

Please PM me your email address if you'd like additional pictures and I'll get them over to you. I'm also available to discuss via phone if you prefer - 503.515.6187.

Thank you, and happy 2017 everyone!



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Asking price?

Hi Richard, 2nd paragraph from the bottom -

I'm asking $1,900 for the transaxle by itself (I'll include the speedo signal converter at this price) or $2,400 for the complete setup with shifter and axles. All of this is located in the Portland, Oregon area.

I see you're in WA too. Whereabouts? I'm in Vancouver but I go north pretty frequently.


Thanks to Cliffbeer for pointing this out to me but I forgot to mention the bell housing has been clearanced slightly for a previous application. The owner I got it from had it bolted up to a BMW V12 which required a clearance cut in the bell housing in order for the BMW starter to fit. I can't see this being any sort of problem for the modest HP/TQ applications these transaxles are good for but I definitely wanted to point that out and apologize for missing this when I originally listed. I had seen it when originally separating the engine & trans, then it sat for a couple months before I got around to listing and by that time I had forgotten all about it until Cliffbeer noticed & pointed it out.


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