Fortyfication 97

Another quarter, another Fortyfication:
  • John Lowe starts the story of his RCR build (to be continued).
  • Frank Catt asks the question, 'What crash are you planning to have?'
  • Desmond Finnan and Humphrey Walters tell of their involvement with a Tornado and CAVs respectively.
  • Topically, in the light of Skyfall's Oscar success, we examine how to be a Bond on a Budget.
  • How Martin Weigold's GTD has metamorphosed into a racer.
  • Dave Garner's legacy from last Summer's torrential rain.
This should go into the mail this evening, and if you've paid your 2013 subscription, you will receive a copy.
Please post here when you receive your copy, and what you think of it.
Mine arrived at noon today and I've read it cover to cover already. I just couldn't put it down. One of the best issues yet I think. Keep up the good work Tony.
Another great read!!!!!!!
Enjoying the articles on Shows, Technical Information & other thought provoking subjects??

PS. Good promotion on both Festival of Speed & Silverstone Classic, thanks.
I can only thank you for dedicating so much time to the magazine and to those members who contribute articles. Indeed, if it were not for
negative tax implications, this most professional magazine would be selling to car nuts all over the world via local bookshops. Please keep up the good work. People who do not get the chance of reading Fortification, by not being a member, are missing out. Regards.. Andrew
Looking forward to receive it next week?!?


Wow only received it yesterday, so that is 18 days later. Something must be wrong with the combo UK mail/Dutch mail.

Good read though, particularly the articles of Frank. Really wanted to learn more about his view on the use of a roll cage in a GT40.

The reason that overseas mail takes longer to deliver is that it's sent by Pallet Delivery. All overseas mail is consolidated on a pallet at the printer, which is only collected when it's full. The courier then routes the mail to the destination by conventional post.
This does cause some delay - typically 2 or 3 days for the pallet to fill up - then there's the continental carriage time. I quoted your post to our printer's mail lady and she says that 18 days is excessive and she will take it up with the courier (along with a number of other complaints about delays).
The largest item in the Club's expenditure is the magazine and its distribution, which we are therefore continually examining to ensure the money is spent most effectively. Postage is becoming crippling and, because we don't charge overseas members any extra for their overseas postage, we are forced to find the cheapest carriage possible.
I will post again when the mail lady gets back to me.
I only got worried when I read that Stephen in France had received his copy. Decided to give a couple more days before I would contact the Club and it just arrived at that moment.

For a car magazine collector like me (over 7,000 car magazines) it is all very addictive and I can hardly wait to receive the next issue. Same with Evo magazine, which I find a really good read.


I just got my newsletter today! It looks like it will be a most enjoyable read. Thanks to all the contributors and the Fortyfication staff.