FS: RCR Superlite Roadster roller *SOLD*

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This is the two seater that came before the Nemisis. RCR doesn't sell them any longer, but I'm quite sure you can still get parts and such for them. I got the kit but never did anything with it, and it's time to find someone who will. It's setup for a Honda K series drivetrain, but I'm sure could be converted to handle just about any FWD setup without too much trouble.

Couple minor scuffs on wheels and in the gelcoat, shown in pics. The "blue" you see is just painters tape that was protecting it as shipped. The chassis is black. I believe it's most everything you need to complete a track weapon other than engine, engine computer, transmission, and axles (and I'm sure you could title it as a kit car in most states quite easily). I'm sure there are a few more various plumbing bits and details, but the basics of a car are there including brakes, steering, and even seats. Full pictures can be found here:


You know what they say...some assembly required! Asking $10,000 and it's located in Chapel Hill, NC. I have no problems shipping this...we can pack everything safely into the rolling chassis, which any higher end enclosed car carrier can handle fine. Could help work out delivery through a variety of methods depending on how far the buyer is from here, too.

Email me at [email protected] if interested.


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Would you please be more descriptive of the "Honda K Series" drivetrain?

4 cylinder or V-6 transverse?



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No problem...

The K series engines from Honda are found in vehicles like the RSX, TSX, Element, and others. There are 5sp, 6sp, and automatic options, but most would certainly want to opt for the 6 speed manual box in this application. Stock they are either 2.0 or 2.4L inline 4 cyclinder engines in FWD configuration.

The 2.4L version can pretty sanely be built to near 300HP in normally aspirated trim, and well north of that if you want forced induction. You can find a lot of info here:

Honda K engine - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

As you can see, finding a cheap 200HP stock one wouldn't be hard. Just go with that for some serious fun since this thing isn't gonna weigh much at all when complete (sub-2000 pounds should be no problem). Or add header along with a good exhaust and an aftermarket tune to get in the 230HP neighborhood pretty easily. And a mild top end build will get you north of 250HP for not a lot of cash. And it's reliable HP. I've run a 2.0L in endurance races and the 2.4L in sprint races and they last.

This is a huge bang-for-the-buck platform that's reliable, too.

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