FYI - P/1069 to be auctioned at Broad Arrow Amelia Island (Mar 2, 2024)

P/1069 is set to cross the block at Broad Arrow Auctions Amelia Island, Mar 2 (Fri), 2024.

This beautiful MkI road car was recently restored by Gelscoe Engineering and finished in its original Opalescent Silver Blue paint.

Pre-auction estimate is $4.0-5.0 million USD.

See Lot 229 at:

See the car in action at:




V. nice car - well written continuous history - but then so has George Washington's axe!
1067 was blue, but owned by Salt Walter's dad, George. Salt Walter had 1005- Filipinetti car, ex Robin Darlington etc, which was burnt out in his garage. Later 'rebuild' appeared in Leo Voyazides hands and did well in racing.
The auction is over. 1069 is listed on the Available Lots page, however on the car's auction page it's listed as sold. Did anyone watch the auction? I'm curious what the high bid was and did it sell at the auction? Or possibly it sold privately.


It still had race car plumbing which may have hurt the price. But I am told still a better car than Shaunessey’ s that went at Kissimmee.