Hello all

Hi everyone

I'm a new member but have been a fan of the GT40 since I first saw one on Jeremy Clarkson's "Most outrageous video in the world" on VHS. That video left a lasting impression on the 6 year old me and helped forge my path into this expensive hobby of ours

Unfortunately I'm not currently in a position to buy a continuation but hope with some diligent saving and investing I can get there. My target is a gt40 by 40 (just over 10 years away), but as my target is to get into an appendix K FIA compliant car, I believe 50 is probably a little more realistic.

In the meantime I'd like to increase my knowledge of these cars. So are there any threads or books that are must reads?

Mike Pass

You could join the GT40 Enthusiasts Club. Our NW group organiser Pete Thompson lives in Eccleshall which is not far from you. We meet up on the first Wednesday of the month at the Egerton Arms Chelford, SK11 9BB , 7.30pm onwards. Lots of knowledge and experience freely available!
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Brian Kissel

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Welcome to GT40S Cameron. Mike has made a great suggestion about joining a local club. There’s a lot of information on this site and a search will find suggestions for good reading. Enjoy the forum.

Regards Brian

Mike Pass

I have sent you a PM with contact info. See envelope symbol top right of page when kogged in.
Welcome Cameron,

This covers the 'whole story' or as near as damn it. Expensive but a massive book & worth it, in my opinion.

There's lots of other good books, some on specific cars, teams or other aspects. The above is a good start.
(Beware of stuff on other websites & inaccurate Hollywood films....) (Many motoring journalists write inaccurate stuff too, plagiarism then spreads the wrong information)

Another classic is

This may be out of print at the moment ? Ronnie has been working on a new updated & enlarged version for some time. You'll see second hand examples of the previous editions going for strong money.

Regards Steve