It run's !

The slc is up and running I do have a question on the transaxle oil. I am running red line as recommended, I filled it with four quarts thinking it was empty because when I had the plugs out for the transmission cooler lines nothing came out. Now I have seen posts that say it comes with fluid in it. This of course after I put the redline oil in! I have searched and found a Lamborghini post that shows a fluid level plug in the side which I don't seem to have for level checking. Is there a way to check for proper fluid level somewhere on the damn thing! it has plugs and bolts everywhere..........

Joel K

Congrats Mahlon, not sure if your saw this. Kurtiss put together a nice guide on the graziano.

Look at post #34 of his build thread and click on the link to the pdf.


Howard Jones

Mahlon, I usually run a new transaxle for 20 - 30 min around the neighborhood at low load so any loose swarf gets washed out of the important bits . Then while its still warm I drain it and inspect the oil to see what was in there. Don't get too concerned if you find some pieces of post machining material, small bits of brass from the syncros. Etc.

So I would leave the oil in it for now or alternately drain it all and refill with the correct amount of the used oil you drain out, run it around a 1/2 hour of so, drain it again, and then refill from dry with the correct amount of new oil.

Mixing oil manufactures isn't the best idea I have heard. I can't back this up with verified data, but given the cost of engines and transaxles I think it is a good idea not to do it.