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  • Hey Cliff,

    I saw your video on the Speedmaster throttle bodies.
    Did you end up regretting it or you got them running well?

    Ive tried to get mine running. Originally and still has a single throttle body but i tried transferring over to the 8 stack but it would only ever run on 4 cylinders or so. Any ideas that could point me in the right direction?


    Hi Mitch, sorry to be slow to reply here.

    Initially the car ran great (on all 8 cylinders) but later this fall the car started to run poorly. Basically, only running on 4 cylinders - similar to what you experienced I guess. Good compression all around, and good spark as well. So, my conclusion is four of the injectors are not getting a signal from the Fast 2.0 ECU.
    ps. I had to fight through cancer in 2020/2021 and then my father died in 2022 leaving behind a huge mess....hence the very slow response time here!
    Hi Mitch, I'm digging my way out of a lot of business and family stuff right now. I'll be getting back on the Speedmaster injection issue on the 347 in the Lotus in the next couple of months. I'll let you know what I find out/discover. It's all FAST 2.0 stuff...and FAST does offer some OK customer support if you're willing to wait on hold for 30 minutes.


    Hi Cliff, If you want to talk GT's or have a question feel free to call. I'm in Black Diamond. 425 299-3556
    Cliff, been trying to get in touch with you to come by and see the car and trans... just need a weekend day and time good for you...
    Hi Cliff,

    Would you mind chatting a little work talk? I have a question for you if so.

    Thanks in advance,

    you can PM me here or email me at: [email protected]. If it's easiest, I'll happily send you my phone number as well.
    Hi Bill!

    I'm sorry, I missed your kind b-day wish until now - much appreciated!

    Your car looks amazing - I'm a big fan of your progress!
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