Kyosho GT40 Nitro car

I have just unwrapped my Christmas present to myself. I have managed to buy one of them in brand new unassembled condition. These have been unavailable for many years now. Anyone else out there got one?
I have! - and Roy smart has two! although one went through his 30KW home made wind tunnel! and was somewhat 'munched'. (but that's another story)


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Wonderful !! I bet it doesnt take long to make one of these!. Where can I get one from?
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I have been looking for one of these for a while now and I bought this one on Ebay after a very heated bidding war. My resident expert in the office has nitro cars and he alerted me to this one. I will spray up the body on mine but still undecided on colors. The kit has all the decals for 1075. My in house expert reacons it will do about 70kph and spin to about 28000rpm As to buying one just keep a look out. I was fortunate in mine being unused. Regards
I have also 2 - and one brandnew in the box in my attic - and 6 new bodys plus loads of spare parts. This cars can reach up to 100 km/h if you use the optional tuning parts (especially the automatic 2-speed-tranny plus tuned pipe, which will also keep your engine life longer). I used mine for some years in the Kyosho World Cup racing series, but nowadays it's no longer competitive - the new chassis have bigger engines and are better balanced for more speed. However, it's great fun to race it on the track or big parking spaces!
Problem is that the spare parts and especially the tuning parts are hard to find meanwhile - the chassis is out of production since about 6 years, and only a small number of parts from the next generation MK II-chassis will fit to this one. So if your dealer has old stock spare parts make sure to buy them, because some parts are no longer available from Kyosho!



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I'm sure you have them in the UK - you can find them all over the world. These are 1:10 scale, gas-(Nitro)-powered and radio controlled cars which are available at specialised toy and hobby shops - except the GT40 which is out of production....

Chassis are usually made from strong aluminium, combined with plastic and/or carbon parts. The bodys are made from clear lexan which you can paint the way you like - so you have the chance to produce a little replica of your replica!

Most bodys are interchangable with different kinds of chassis - it doesn't matter if you have a Tamiya, Kyosho, HPI or Carson chassis - only the body holes for fixing it may be different, and if the engine mount has another place you may need to add some holes for engine cooling - but that's no big deal.

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It was the nitro bit that put me off!
We have r/c cars in UK of course, mostly powered by electric motors and rechargeable NiCads, but I have seen the ocasional i/c engine powered ones.
That said, cool thread, and thanks gt40.freak for putting me straight.
What exactly do you search? The GT40 is no longer available from Kyosho, but for general nitro powered R/C cars check out - I think there's a dealer overview for Belgium, too.
Thanks Joe for the Towerhobbies info. Have ordered another body and they say it has been shipped. Can now have one my colour and one 1075. Thanks again and regards
You sure can get Nitro cars in the UK!

I've got a GT2 Porsche, with the two speed box, maker is RPI....

These things are great fun...

Revs to god knows what, and sounds great.....

Mine has independent shocks (oil filled) on each corner, 4 wheel drive, and disc brakes....

I reckons it easily does 70mph in top gear....

Got mine from a local hobby store, but there are loads of places sell them if you do a Google search...

Would love a GT40 body for mine!


Guys, you are amazing helping me spend some money.Now I bought the GT40 Kyosho body (see Tower but need a full chassis...this is officially for my son...
Anyone who can help me;second hand is also ok) as I dont know a clue of these things.. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/confused.gif /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/blush.gif

if this should be a toy for your son AND you have no experience with nitro racers you should think about an electric powered chassis.
It's a lot easier in handling and mostly cheaper to get. If you have a nitro powered engine and neither experience nor somebody to help you with it, you may need a new engine after your first run...

Tx for helping my ignorance on this stuff.Your are correct to go for an electric power chassis.
Could you tell me how to get these?
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