Lola Collection for sale

I notice in our latest NZ Classic Car magazine that the whole Cult Sports Cars Lola collection is for sale. Collection includes; 65 T70 MkI - 68 T70 MkIII - 69 T142 - T 165/170 - and a (T163 Can Am that will only be sold as part of a collection purchase).

Jac Mac

Russ Noble

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Very nice collection. That's Dave Harvey's isn't it? Dave formerly produced the GT40NZ cars until that unfortunate liason with GT40NA. Isn't he building (or trying to build) T70 replicas in the States now?


Fran Hall RCR

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1.3 million US dollars was the number Dave gave me a couple of weeks ago.
Some of the cars were rebuilt in the USA but he also told me that he has enjoyed the car thing and is now focusing on his real estate developments in NZ.