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  • Russ

    Re Uprights you are making.

    I may be interested in a couple
    Can you PM me the dimensions - mainly distance between top and bottom and distance to outside edge.
    Mine dont have enough offset for my wheels.


    Hi Russ, i just joined up to talk to you and say good work. i too am doing exactly what you are. i started back in 2003 working on restoring an original and after that a budy and me built a set of mk 2 molds from an ERA and a chassis. i am now working on building my roof and its about 2 hrs from being ready to demold. lots of work too go and parts to buy but it's what i enjoy, thankgoodness for an understanding wife.
    Hi Russ,

    Forum rules don't allow me to "sell" outside the Tornado sub forum.

    Click here and scroll down for 6 sp info, or call or email.
    Tornado Performance Parts

    Best regards,
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