Lola T-70 MK3 B Tub & Bodywork coming in...


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Well... I did it... I got a recreated Lola T-70 MK3-B tub, body, windshield and other parts coming in... at a big cost too!!! but worth it!!! This will be a full race car with around 650-HP, SBC w/Webers, LG-500 or LG-600, Lola 10x15 & 17x15 wheels, right hand drive track monster!!!! Lol... All ready have the Webers & manifold, most of the parts to build a F-5000-SBC, bodywork now a tub and other parts make it an "official project", photos on the way... TBC...

*** NOTE*** having trouble loading tub photos, I'll take new shots and try later!