Lola T-70 MK3 B Tub & Bodywork coming in...

Well... I did it... I got a recreated Lola T-70 MK3-B tub, body, windshield and other parts coming in... at a big cost too!!! but worth it!!! This will be a full race car with around 650-HP, SBC w/Webers, LG-500 or LG-600, Lola 10x15 & 17x15 wheels, right hand drive track monster!!!! Lol... All ready have the Webers & manifold, most of the parts to build a F-5000-SBC, bodywork now a tub and other parts make it an "official project", photos on the way... TBC...

*** NOTE*** having trouble loading tub photos, I'll take new shots and try later!


Brian Kissel

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Welcome back Steve. I had been in contact with Gary a few years ago, and we exchanged some info. I don't remember where, but you have posted pictures of this project before. I know if I looked long enough, I could find them. Very interesting project. Did you widen the body also, or just do the stretching ? Reminds me of the old Bartz car that was built in the mid 80's. That car was cool also, as it was a widened Mk3 on a T165 chassis, with a 461 big block Chevy in it. It was in New Zeeland and recently sold.

Keep up the excellent work, and keep posting pictures please.

Regards Brian
Good Morning,
9” stretch only. I’m flaring the front fenders a small amount to cover the wider corvette track. I have a 418-inch LS engine & G50 gearbox finished & ready once I have bodywork mounted where I like it.looking at adjustable aero & tunnel work under the car too.
My wife & I just moved closer to my work so I’m trying to get settled in a new garage before I dive back in. The project just turned 3-years old recently so I’m trying to stay motivated with everything in life going on....



C5 corvette chassis that was used for another prototype project. I bought it out of the west-coast & stripped it down for this. Not sure if would all work but what the hell, I hate seeing cast-off stuff going to waste...We’ll see how it comes together.


I’ve finally got the rear section of the bodywork correctly leveled. I just picked up some 20” tall wheel supports for lifting project for fabrication.
I’ll have some floor/tub pictures soon, my rollcage guy wants the tub-work in place so he knows what clearances are going to be required. I’m setting the bottom of the car at 3.5”
Main floor work mostly completed now, it’s all 2024T3 .080” now I’m building pedalbox & sidepods.
found European Cadillac right hand drive rack that is same pivot width as corvette & actually drops on the mounts…
steering shaft starts off the floor 2” to the right of my foot.