Marchal headlamps on eBay UK

Ed McClements

Just spotted this pair of Simca SEV Marchal N.O.S. headlamps on eBay UK....might be of use to someone? They appear to have a lever arrangement to switch between left-dip / right-dip.

No connection with vendor. Just my usual Friday browsing of the small ads! :D
Looks like they have sold.
Thanks for the heads up.
i contacted the seller and got the dimension from them. They seem to be about the right size and as you say, have the left and right dip functions, to fit either side. Looks like they also have a facility to fit a Parker bulb in them as well.
Fingers crossed.
The lights arrived in Melbourne Australia yesterday.
All look to be in good condition (only spent 5 minutes checking them over)

I am not sure if the lower reflector is going to work for cars that are driven on the LHS of the road. Will have to do some investigating.