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I picked up a CAV GT in June 2021. Joined this forum as a matter of course, and simply never posted until I had an issue. My question is posted within the technical transaxle area. Have driven the car maybe 100 miles, I needed to make it right before primetime in terms of fuel lines (from rubber to braided), ignition (from HEI to mag pick-up and ignition box) outside mirrors etc. Every time I attempted to drive it something was not right. In fact I had to cancel bringing the car down to Elkhart Lake this year as a display for David Hobbs during a reading of his new book. Its been a challenge and nothing I haven't been through in my own builds, although this was "turn key" hmmm k. Positives of the CAV are a very high level of finish. Body, paint, interior and chassis leave little to be desired. Drivetrain is another kettle of fish; too much motor for the transaxle, and less than desirable components as stated in terms of ignition, fuel lines. The motor itself is built with a Dart block and AFR heads by a reputable builder, and it does sound sweet with the 180 degree exhaust. Ill get there, as I don't intend it to be simply a conversation piece as it is now.
Hi S. Tom here , my man in Tampa would like you to contact him at 941-815-8164 and let him know about your underrated transmission . Call me at 321-292-9005 and tell me how you did . a Porsche 996 or 997 will handle anything you throw at it