Motec Support in the US.

HI. Who is the Representative in the US. for Motec ??? Where can I get a USB to CAN adapter for a Motec M800 ??? Is there anyone in the OH, PA, NY. Corner that has experience with these units ??? Thanks Wally
Thanks for the link, I checked most of the websites here and didn't see anyone offering the UTC. They just link back to the Motec Home page. I didn't expect to have to get this from Australia. Looks like the nearest Dealer listed is 300 + miles away. Was hoping someone may have experience with this unit and be close by.
Thanks Ken. I didn't see one on there site. I did locate 1 in CA. and it should be here any day. There's a local Dyno shop that is willing to help with this, But have never worked with a Motec unit. So this may be a real learning experience. So far the weather has held off here, Just once the S--- fly's this will not move till it's Gone.