New GT?

Good to hear, we shall see what Ford does in a couple of weeks. Try coming to Ford Carlisle in June, Lee Holman and the whole group will be there...
At Amelia, Hobbs, Redman will be there as well.....
Im wishing all of you a great holiday.....

Robert S.

GT40s Supporter
There is confusing info published on the availability of the special Ricardo trans and trans parts made for the Ford GTs. There are more articles that say production stopped on that tranny years ago. I also still see ads that say they have them in stock, but they have no date on them. Others report that they can only acquire salvaged ones. I dunno, and I'm not sure it's even an issue. I have no personal comment.

Here's a PDf of the Ricardo Quarterly for 2005. It features interesting info on the Ford GT, and quite a few photos, and explain the special tranny that featured triple synchros for each gear. Robert