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  • Hi I hope you had a good Christmas...I`m still very interested in your door handles have a great day! Kent
    Sure that works for me Dylan of you can send me your mailing address I will get the money on the way to you..have a great evening Kent
    I`m not Sure if I`m using this message system correct...anyways yes thats all I need is the exterior handles, are you doing something different? that you do not want to use them? how is your build going? Kent
    Hi Dylan I`am definelty interested in your door handles....sorry if you got this message more then once I was having trouble sending it.......Kent
    Do you know of any companies that would be willing to sell there plans? Ive done a fair share of research and i only came up with a few companies online but they looked more like a scam than anything.

    Thank you for the help,
    Hey Dylan,

    I have seen the progress you have made with the rebuild on the tornado. It looks great so far! I was wondering if you would be willing to share the cad file for your frame though. I am designing my own frame and it would be a good reference.

    Thank you
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