New Member, SPF GT40 MKII Owner

Hello all!

I have been a long time lurker… now a member.

I am the owner of P2430 bought it from Hillbank and had it built by V’s Performance in Orange, CA.

  • MKII
  • P1046 Livery
  • Leather Interior
  • PCI Bluetooth Intercom and Bose A20 Aviation Headsets
  • Sparco Steering Wheel
  • Sparco Harness
  • Shelby 427FE
  • Quaife Transaxle
  • Engine Bay Roll Bar
  • Driveshaft Shop Stage 5 Axles
  • Turkey Pan
  • Luggage Boxes

Current/Finished Projects:
  • Paint Correction
  • Paint Lift Points
  • CNC’ed Steering Wheel Hook
  • CNC’ed Headset Hook
  • Fab’ed Engine Heat Shield
  • CNC’ed Rain Light/Rain Light Bracket
  • Race Pipes
  • Cerakote Headers and Race Pipes

Winter Projects:
  • Finger Pockets for Exterior Door Pulls (P1046)
  • Rear Transaxle Air Duct (P1046)
  • Interior Door Pulls (P1046’ish)
  • Functioning Brake Ducting
  • Period Correct Side Mirrors
  • FoMoCo Roundel Lights
  • Stainless Headers (P1046)
  • Replace Cracked Lexan and Blackout Boarders

Future Projects:
  • Relocate Electrical Cutoff
  • Inner Door Panels (P1046)
  • Redo Dash and Gauges (P1046)
  • Leakproof the Cabin
Pictures of Completed/Current Projects:


Brian Kissel

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Welcome to GT40S Jason. That’s a awesome looking 40 you’re building. I like the way you have all your future projects on it mapped out. Thanks for sharing and the more pictures the better.
Enjoy the forum !!!
Regards Brian
Hi Jason Tom Fuschetti here, I see a real work of art when I see right hand drive . I tell people if you want left hand drive buy a Toyota MR2 , or a Fiero .A GT40 with left hand drive , you might as well get a mid engine Corvette instead . You will never know the true feel of driving a piece history until you wind out the real deal . Watch Why the 69 Gulf GT40 is the greatest Le mans winner ever . Jacky Ickx has some pretty interesting insights on the GT40 you will like it

Leonard L

Hello, Nice to see GT40-P2430. I own the the Andretti/Bianchi #6 Tribute car GT40-P2431 unveiled at SEMA 2022 by Downforce Motorsports. Really like the unique features you are adding and planning to create for your P2430 car.


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Interested in your gear shift and rear view mirror. Can you tell about them? I have P2453 so on a similiar build track.

Leonard L

Hello Jason, Leonard here. I have the GT40 MKII that was right behind yours in production GT40 P2431. Great job on your build specs and now new additions. I am having some similar aluminum features created and one beinng an aluminum washer reservoir to replace that plastic one they come with...super ugly and you will have to modifiy it anyway if your addding brake cooling ducting. I am curious how you wired your rain light in. Did you create its own new power feed and dash switch or use tap into existing rear clam shell wiring? Also are you attending the GT40 Reunion?

Leonard L

Also, I got rid of those SPF headlamps and found NOS Cibie headlamps in France for $1K. Huge improvement!