New member with a T70

Hi guys, I posted an intro thread in the new members forum, but thought many might not check that forum any longer.

I’m in DFW and recently came to possess a T70! This is actually my late father’s car, which sat for many years as a bare chassis. Throughout his life he had several Lolas, many parts, and also a GT40 kit car. He even incorporated a company to bring in parts from England at one point, but that project didn’t go anywhere, unfortunately.

We were able to hash out a deal to complete the build with Mac McClendon, who knew my dad for many years, and I optioned to turn it into a street car… as much as it’s possible to make these cars a “street” car. Huge thanks to him and his whole crew who were more than accommodating of my constant questions while I learned about these cars in parallel with the build.

She’s titled, registered with a plate, and insured! It has a rebuilt small block, with Jim Inglese EFI and a ZF transaxle, both chosen for better street manners. It also has modern Wilwood brakes, slightly thicker fiberglass, and a few small things needed for the road (blinkers, license plate light, etc). It’s certainly an experience driving it on the road, made a bit scary by all the attention it gets and the random dips I have to avoid!

Anyway, if anyone is local to my area, would love to meet up and talk shop. Happy to help with a spare hand, too. Would also really like to get this car to a track soon, although I’d have to drive it there, and not sure how realistic that is.


Brian: what an amazing car. Is the tub a repro or a Lola chassis that was never built up? What tires are you running? Just a magnificent car. I bet that is one handful to drive !!!

Jim Albright

Beautiful machine! Are you running AVONs on it for the street? I'm hopefully getting close to taking delivery from Fran of mine and am running Jim Inglese EFI as well. How is the driveability? From the pics, it looks like a non A/C car? Congratulations!

Randy V

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Welcome to Brian .... Stunning machine you have there!
Thanks guys. Tub itself was rebuilt. Yes, running the Avons on the street as there's nothing else that will fit these wheels. They do kick up a lot of gravel but I'm not pushing the car on the street very hard, so I'm hoping they'll last 2-3 thousand miles (?). I wasn't able to find wheels for 6 pin drive that are close to correct fitment. Would have to custom make them to run something like the Michelin TB, which only supports up to a 13" wide wheel.

Correct, no A/C. We did install in-line fans in front of the cabin cooling ducts (in the nose box). Helps with moving air at least. I'm not sure a small A/C system in this car would be able to keep up, the front gets heated from the radiator exhaust, rear is warm from the headers, and it's not an airtight cabin.

Jim: The Inglese EFI works really well. I actually have a vacuum leak that I am trying to hunt down so maybe not as well as it could, but it starts right up without much fuss. Jim was very helpful setting me up with the correct electronic distributor, injectors, etc. How long until you get your car? Enjoy the anticipation while it lasts!

I am considering adding a stanceparts pneumatic lift kit in the front, having issues scraping. Other than the worrying about scraping, the driveability is pretty good!

Jim Albright

Seems like the lack of suitable sized street tires has been a problem for quite a while - maybe at some point there will be enough of a demand to convince one of the manufacturers to start carrying the wider sizes. I had a set of AVON slicks modified by cutting a tread pattern, but if you ever get stopped, they still are not legal for road use:( Still no estimated completion date from Fran, although I hope sooner rather than later:)