Oulton Park Gold Cup

Hi Mike,

Likely to be there on Sunday, be good to catch up. Do you know whose is going and which day?

Cheers, Paul

Mike Pass

Hi Paul,
There should be 5 cars there including mine on Sunday and Monday. We should be in the usual spot overlooking cascades. See you there.

Ed McClements

Hi all

I came on Monday, got sunburned (yes - in the North-West of the UK!) and nosed round your Forties. You guys were mobbed by the crowd most of the time but after hanging around a bit I managed to say hello to Alan Snelson, who was incredibly generous with his time and advice, even though I was keeping him away from his packed-lunch! I'd just like to say a public thanks to Alan for all the helpful tips, and let him know that I am really, REALLY looking forward to the arrival of my chassis later in the year.