P2334 Registered in TX

After a slight delay with an MSO issue, P2334 is officially titled and registered in TX as a 1965 Ford GT40.

I followed the "Custom Vehicle" process from Txdmv.gov. It's three forms, inspection report, photos, certified weight, etc. Overall, pretty painless if you are prepared.

One benefit of this TX process is that the inspection is one-time only.

Aside from the hefty sales tax (6.25% adds up quickly on these cars), I'm very satisfied.

Look for TX plate "GT4T" if you see me around Houston.


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I'm in Houston frequently, hope to see it someday. You bringing it to the TCC meet in March?
Hello, John. I won't be making the March meet, but hope to make one someday. Let me know when you're in Houston and have time to see the car.

Dr. Bob Woods

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When I registered mine two years ago, I titled it as a 1966 Ford GT replica. The "replica" process was very simple. You just needed the MSO and then you title it as a "replica". No inspection or anything else. When I registered it, I just needed to show insurance on the car and I got my plates.

I presume they still have the "replica" path available.

-Bob Woods
Tornado GT40 in Texas