Pedal expanded metal

I have only had luck finding one vender that sells 1/8 inch expanded metal, and the price for shipping is not worth the overall costs of the waste.

This is the reason I used 1/4 inch expanded metal on my clutch and brake pedals. I have come to not like the look of them as I keep seeing them on the shelf.

I am hoping someone on here knows of a source for the material.

The only source I have found so far is Industrial Metal Supply out of California.

Thanks for any input.


Brian Kissel

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Douglas, check out McMaster Carr.
They have a little of everything.

Regards Brian
I actually ordered all the bearings and clevis ends for the pedals from McMaster and for some reason gaffed them as a resource for the expanded sheets...ugh
I feel dumb, because for a long time I limited my searches to metal suppliers. Mcmaster Carr sadly also does not carry 1/8 inch. But the all mighty destroyer of worlds, Amazon, Did.


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