Plug and play loom for 302 EFI


Hi Chris,
There’re no real issues running batch fired injectors, unless you’re trying to meet the ultra-tight emissions regulations. The only way you’d tell the difference is on an emissions drive cycle, and this would be after many hours on an engine calibrating the base spark & fuelling

With this type of system, it doesn’t need to know which individual cylinder is firing, but it does need to know where it is relative to TDC and the firing order. This is done with a crank mounted trigger wheel and sensor, typically 36 teeth, with one tooth missing to give a reference

An Emerald or similar system will work with a conventional distributor, but as it’s an archaic method and it’s a packaging issue on these cars. Modern individual coil on plug or wasted spark systems offer much higher energy and hence will ignite leaner mixtures. The Emerald K6 has 6 ignition drivers, so whilst this ECU is not suitable for coil on plug on a V8, it will run 4 wasted spark coils. I use two Ford 4-cylinder coil packs and these are paired up in the same way as the injectors

Hope this helps
Great help. Thanks :)

Are there any particular coil packs you have found to better than others or is something like this perfectly suitable?