Porcshe G50 52 Reverse Switch Operation...

I'm in the build process of my RCR GT40 and I found my Porcshe G 50 52 transaxle reverse switch is not working. Upon investivation, I found the switch to function when I insert a pin in the end and pushed. I had an assistant place his finger on the pin in the reverse switch port in the transaxle and then shifted into reverse. He found no movement of the pin. The pin can be easily removed and doesn't look out of normal. Can someone comment on the inner workings of what pushes on the pin when the transaxle is put into reverse. Could the transaxle have been mis-assembled so the pin will not move as it should? Could I have the wrong actuator pin? Scratching my head over here.

Ah, I mean PORSCHE...Well, I found out the hard way that with the new forum format there's either no edit option or its very well hidden. I guess I'll have to proof read BEFORE I post. How inconvenient... :)

I think you have to pay up to be given the elevated membership provision of being allowed to edit your posts, welcome to the cheap seats! No its not really that bad, they give you 5 minutes or so to edit.