Question about how do you fasten the roof section (spider) to the frame and about building a LHD

Hi. I am just looking at different kit`s and i really do not know much about the GT40 kits.
I know for sure that if i start building a GT40 it will be a Left Hand Drive car with the gear lever in the between the seats

Is there any more work building a LHD GT40 thinking of the location of the fuel tanks and more?

I see that you can get kits where yo have to build almost everything yourself and almost ready to drive kits.
But there is one question i have been thinking about and that is when you have come to the stage of your build that you are going to to fasten the roof section on the tubular frame how do you fasten the roof section to the frame? I have tried to search the net to find any pictures of this but with no luck

Hope any of the forum members here can provide me with an answer about how you fasten the roof to the frame and perhaps a picture or 2 or 3 :):)

Here is a picture from a youtube series of building a GT40 called : Built by Dan.
The GT40 kit in the picture is a kit from Absolute Pace in Australia. The picture attached is from where the customer unpacks his GT40 kit.
It looks like the roof is already installed and also that the front is ready built on this kit or is just the way they pack the kit?


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Hi, Fueltanks are in both sills, no change LHD v RHD

Gear lever in center: various kits available depending on gearbox Audi O1X or O1E, Renault UN1-13, inverted Porsche 930/G50, ZF DS25-2

Engine height and location will differ depending on engine and gearbox choice. The Audi box often end up 2in higher than UN1, and close to 3in higher than with a ZF... lots to consider. If 302/347, 351W/427, Coyote 5.0 which is very wide... or Audi 4.2... all has to do with driveshaft location and angle, as each gearbox has its driveshafts at different height...

Many options to think about.

Center section usually has 2 bolts lowest rear corner into chassis, front windshield frame bolted and often sikaflex’ed onto chassis, and rear rollbar with 2 bolts at top rear.

Many great build logs to read up on:)

Kind regards