Ray Christopher and the GTD


Ray told me a story about that milk float. He was exhibiting it at a show and a chap comes up looking pretty miffed. Asking what was up the man said that he had been put on desk duty as a policeman after one day he had been out on speed gun duty on a motorway bridge. Ray had gone past in the milk float doing 120 mph and the policeman called it in. He was considered to be under the influence! Ooops!
Just referring back to Mike's pics posted earlier, the eagle-eyed might spot that Brian's R42 (Spectre) carries the same P35CJT reg as Ray C's yellow 40, so I guess it was Ray's car originally; possibly the prototype? Before it actually became the Spectre in later production.
To address the irrelevancies - 1) 9KVP was originally a collaborative effort between Tornado, Mike Houghton and Tom Laffey, who assembled it in the Laffey Racing Services works. Since developed by me over the last 25 years with bespoke 428ci engine and modified G50 box and various other mods. 2) Paul Walton has never competed on IOM, so it is someone else's black car - a bit of rooting about on Utube would identify it - Peter


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Sorry my friend I’m just starting another build so will be busy once again ,if I were you it may be worth having a go yourself if I can help with advice or parts then I will, some pics for inspiration ,ours are stainless steel ceramic coated no wraping and no problems
Thanks Mark for reply and advice, very nice system you do. I think l found a solution for it over here in Sweden. Hopefully I can go on with that.