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  • Hi Marcel
    Each make of GT40 replica will need different settings. However a good starting point is 26 psi front and 28 psi rear. You may need to adjust up or down depending on how you drive. My car will be different to yours so you need to experiment and see what happens. If the centre of the tyre tread wears out quicker than the edges lower your tyre pressures and if the edges wear out quicker than the centre then you need to raise them. However you need to take into account other suspension setup geometry adjustments and not just tyre wear! Sorry never a simple answer!
    Hope this helps
    Hi Malcolm,
    My name is Marcel, I am living in Switzerland, and own a ERA with original spanner/wheels. I am using 275/50 and 225/50 Avon CR6ZZ. Which tire Pression are you using on your car ?
    Hi Malcolm.
    It seems that you have information on GTD chassis numbers. I am helping Peter Stevens (not the Lotus designer) who has bought a part built GTD but has no chassis number. The original purchaser was a Mr Livingstone living in Scotland. Peter has spoken to Mick Sollis who seems to think it is chassis number 60 but we don't have a year of manufacture. We know the number should be GTD400120200????? Can you help?
    Best regards, Brian Magee
    Malcolm - do you have any info on my chassis number. I think it was originally sold by GTD Poole to Nick Pardoe. Thanks for any help,
    Dave Morton.
    Dear Malcolm ,

    I try to find information on GTD , espacially when they begin to manufacture cars .
    I think that the company was created in 1982 but I m not sure .
    Do you now were I can found reliable information ?
    It is of course only a wind up. It has certainly wound up certain Americans who always make posts into political nonsense. I would never hurt an animal though I do shoot squirrels and rabbits which plague our property. The rabbits are virtually blind anyway and its easier to hit them with a plank as they are diseased. Anyway, keep it going as they really are so disengenous and don't see the wcood for the trees.
    Thanks for joining in.
    Dave M
    Hi Darren

    I got them from the US, just the megaphones, the collectors came via Mick. I think the megaphones were about $50 each plus postage and yes they stitch you up on it. We found a freind travelling back from the states that brought them home in his luggage, 2 sets! Adam then welded them up. They are a little large on the exit diameter so I am thinking of reducing that by cutting it up and rolling it smaller. I can't remember the suppliers name though. Sorry. Note they are very, very loud! Look great though


    Hi Malcolm
    Just seen a photo of your Megaphones. Can I be cheeky and ask where you got them from? I'm getting a new system from SouthernGT, but Mick said it would be cheaper to source my own megaphones from the states - the only problem is that I'm being quoted $99 postage, so I'm looking for alternatives.

    Thanks in anticipation!

    Hi Malcom, I have asked Mick about the catches and he wont have any for at least a few weeks, there still at production stage.
    I will always ask Mick 1st but I think he cant keep up with my demands and he admits to the same.
    'I'm a demanding chap u know'

    If I can wait I will
    Hi Mick

    Hmm I think my posting here has gone all wrong.

    Mick why not call me on 01252 838292 day or evening.
    Hi Mick

    Message continues here, sorry post got too long!

    If you are local to me, you can contact me to pop over and have a look at my car and broken parts bin. I have broken GD and Ray Christopher uprights but no broken Granada stuff. I have the John Wisher gear on my car now and do not expect ever to need to upgrade again.

    Hope this helps


    PS remember, don't rise to Frank or before you know it you'll join the FCAS! :)
    hi Malcolm,
    Thanks for your comment on Granada uprights,your answer, was very informative, you obviuosly have lots of experience

    your comments on carlos fandango, were very funny...........but it does seem to me that frank, is trying to ridicule me......im not sure why,i cant see, what he has to gain....

    I do understand , about KPI, acerman, bump steer, roll centres, anti dive, etc.........

    I would like to hear your comments, on the matter

    regards mick
    I would love to do a painting of your car. Would you mind? If not, would you have any high res shts you could send me as reference?
    Paul in Canada
    Hi Malcolm

    I have recently joined GT40 and have used the search feature to find info on the Mclaren F1, amongst other cars. I see you had some input into XP1. I have had the fortuneto meet 2 people closely connected to the F1 - one who transported all the F1's to the paint shop and then on to their European customers, and one who made the moulds for the headlight casings in the GTR's, amongst other things he made mouldings for.

    I have accumulated a vast library f F1 pictures, nearly 19,000 so far (!), and was wondering if you would be able to add to my collecion, and if necessary I can add them to my do not share file for my eyes only.

    I may be able to share some pictures with you as a way of a thank you

    Many thanks

    Greg (hurstg01) - [email protected]
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