RF or DRB Windscreen

Peter Delaney

GT40s Supporter
A mate needs a windscreen for his RF. I understand that RF & DRB windscreens are interchangeable, so does anyone know where such windscreens might be available here in Aus
HI Guys.
Well its been a few years since I've looked into what happening here, And its been a great read. My car has been going for 8 years now and I still look back at it and smile every time I climb out of it. However I now need some help again I have broken my windscreen in my DRB and cant find one. Peter Delaney, did you manage to get one through Southern Cross Autoglass? I have tried to contact but their internet page is closed. Does anyone know of a contact . Much appreciated


Pete - is that Scotts old car aka the car you build originally? Was taking to Scott just today he said he sold it back to the builder. Are you looking for a screen still? I have one here in Auckland, I ordered 2 with my DRB (well now Kopelke Kitcars) - so if you need one in a hurry - replace my spare and I could part with it.
Hi Mike
Yes this is the car I sold to Scott and then brought back. Thanks for the generous offer. The insurance will cover the cost but it may take a while to source from Melbourne. I will talk to the insurance company to make sure there is no hick ups and get back to you .
How are you going with your build?
Build going very slowly....but they say good things take time.
Hi Mike
I have spoken to Warren from Kopelke and he is sorting a wind screen for me. But it may take some time So Can I take you up on your offer? My Wof runs out end of this month and I would like to do some summer time cruzin when summer gets here.
Give me a call sometime, be much appreciated.