Roaring Forties Sale Of Assets Notice

Sale of assets notice was in Tuesdays paper - let's hope someone with deep pockets can step in and take over the whole ball and dice. Notice no specific mention of body moulds or chassis jigs are mentioned - could be part of "plant & equip" though.


Roaring Forties Pty. Ltd.

Expressions of interest are sought for the purchase of the assets of the company's business located in Dromana (Melbourne, Victoria), which specialises in producing Ford GT40 replica cars for both local and overseas customers. They manufacture and supply complete turn key cars, self build kits through to complete deluxe cars with options and extras. The chassis and suspension are custom built and incorporate the original GT 40 design with the latest in materials and technology.

Assets of the business include:

Plant & Equipment
Intellectual Property
Motor Vehicles
Office Furniture
Business Name
Website: Roaring

Expressions of interest should be directed to Mr. Tim Brace of CJL Partners by no later than 4.00pm on Friday April 7th, 2006.

CJL Partners
Level 3
180 Flinders Lane
Melbourne VIC 3000

Tel 61 3 9639 4779
Fax 61 3 9639 4773
Email [email protected]


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Gregf, If the molds and chassis jigs were owned by Robert's wife and/or some other entity, and then leased to Roaring Forties, they will not be part of the assets of Roaring Forties and therefore not included in the sale.

Ron, I couldn't find the previous thread containing the request by the temporary administrator for the proxies, and/or notice of claims, but I believe it was posted by Tim Brace of CJL. As there is an advertisement for the sale of the assets by CJL, does this mean the affected forum members were unsuccessful in their attempt to replace the temporary administrators?
Notice no specific mention of body moulds or chassis jigs are mentioned - could be part of "plant & equip"

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They might be part of "Intellectual Property"