Safir GT40 "real" and some other questions?

A SAFIR is as real as you want it to be and as real as a real car is. Personally, that is the only car I dream about owning. I would not want a real GT now based on the value. I would be a afraid to drive it, or afraid some idiot would steal it. SAFIR has alwasy been my dream.


I can only say that I am fortunate to have DRB GT40 - I drive that on the road and on the track. I am fortunate I can compare it with other vehicles I own in the same manner (997 GTS, 991 GT3, F458) and the GT40 provides me with such an involved drive, its the car I want to be in the most when I am on track. When I driving with ferraris and porsches the GT40 gets the most attention.
Enjoy what you have. It probably is not as original as a Safir or SPF. Thanks