Short introduction and some expert questions!

Hello all, I am 19 years old and for several years now I have been dreaming kit cars. A lot of my research for my latest design, the Osprey, has led me to these wonderful forums many times, so I figured what better place to ask my questions than here? I hope this isn't too far off topic? Please don't kill me, mods!! :shy:

This car is being designed as a small, mid engine kit car. Target weight is between 2000 and 2400 pounds. Suspension, brakes and steering are currently being borrowed from the Mazda Miata. The transaxle, I've decided, will probably be an Audi 016 (01e? Target power is only 330-400 hp/tq--for now). The engine I would like to use is the Chevrolet LTG, which is a 270 hp turbo four from the base Camaro, ATS and Regal. It's also available as a crate engine and I think it has bucketloads of potential.

I am drawing up this design on an open-source program called Blender. I am modelling with great detail and (hopefully) accuracy, modelling directly over top of blueprints of the ltg engine and 016 tranny, and eyeballing the Miata suspension for hours and hours.

I want to break away from the 'normal' v8 kit cars. I want to make something tuneable, as well as a viable daily driver (thus a somewhat high curb weight, would like to have a half decent interior) So I'm not exactly reimagining a gt40, but considering you folks hash out such design challenges here every day, I figured I would ask you all some questions.

> Does anyone have experience with/knowledge of the LTG engine? Any thoughts? I chose it for its terrific stock power and torque, and for the potential I see in it. (a dealer tune gains you 60 horsepower) And it's a relatively small, lightweight package.

> What are the implications of bolting a four-cylinder engine to an Audi 016?

> Is a Miata suspension a good choice? Why/why not?

> Are drive axles hard to fabricate? What about cantilever rear suspension?

> With my (relatively) narrow chassis, cantilever suspension will require shorter struts than the Miata offers. Any substitutes? Or will I have to also fab struts? Or should I change up my suspension design?

> Anything to keep in mind for when I design the tubeframe? Any way to incorporate some form of monocoque?

Those are my questions for now!! Feel free to constructively criticize my existing ideas as well. Thanks in advance, all


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