FS EU "Simpson" S/S GT40 exhaust

I have a Simpson S/S full crossover Exhaust system to fit a 302 in a GT40. The system was originally made for and fitted to a Southern GT but with the engine/gearbox in my GTD being so much higher, it fouls the rear clip. Lowering the Engine/box doesn't seem do-able at the moment, so I'm going to have to sell these and get a new system made. They are beautifully crafted and have "quick change" silencers (such as they are) or megaphones (you won't be passing IVA with either of these I think....) I have enclosed pictures from when they were fitted to the SGT, pics show both sets of silencers. They are obviously used, but in excellent condition. The only thing missing is a bracket from the exhaust to the gearbox/rear chassis but as I guess that would depend on your own configuration, I don't consider that a problem. I would guess that if you had another make of GT40 replica with the engine/box in a lower position than the standard GTD, there's a pretty good chance these will fit also. I'm pretty sure Tornado's have the engine and gearbox in a similar position to GTD, so probably wouldn't fit.
Looking for offers around £1,500 (to replicate this from Simpson today would be £3,500 plus according to them!) Based nr J29 of the M25.
For UK buyers I am very happy for you to take the exhausts (I'm not posting), try them on your car then complete the transaction if they fit, if not return them to me. sorry, I don't think thats workable further afield
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Mike Pass

Martin's SGT passed the IVA with those silencer boxes on the car. The megaphones would have been just a trifle too loud!.