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Howard Jones

I have a used radiator from my SLC that I don't need anymore. It is in Very good to nearly new condition. It has been modified to move the driver side coolant port to the top. Oher wise it is in as designed condition. It does not leak, been bent, or have any other damage. It does having been run in the car have very light particle wear on the surface of the front. There is nothing more than what is in the pictures.

I would like $250/offer for it and buyer either picks it up from my home or pays for shipping. I can package in a radiator shipping box with correct packing for free. If you are interested send me a shipping address and I will check with UPS to get you a shipping cost. There will be NO handling cost on my part. Just the agreed sales price + shipping.


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Howard Jones

Yes it is. As I said above this is a original RCR supplied radiator that came with my SLC. Other than moving the driver side inlet it is as delivered with about 8 track days on it. That would be about 30-40 hours.

My engine makes 451HP. I replaced it with a best of current technology C&R racing radiator because I was working though what I believed was a marginal average running temp of about 220-230F when run on track. I have also gone to a electric water pump and opened up the radiator exit on the body work and I have a very large oil cooler on the car as well as 2 gallons of oil. These mods seam to have corrected my concern and now the car runs pretty much at the programed coolant temp being managed by the pump controller. 190-200F on track.

So to answer your question, I would think that the OEM RCR radiator would work as designed in a SLC with typical LS based engines. Remember my needs are nothing like a street car. I would guess that average power output on a given lap is more than 300HP for 25 mins. A street car needs and makes far, far less power when driven at legal speeds. Especially as a average over a typical 30 min drive.

People that run them with better than oem fans seam to be OK. Other than that I can't predict what will happen in your application. I however wouldn't try to run 700HP+ through it.

I am open to your offer as long as it reasonable. A new one cost about 500 bucks from RCR.
Hi Howard,
Thanks for the response, still very interested. I am planning on running it in my P4 replica with a Ferrari 456 V12 engine behind it. Sounds like it will do the job just fine. I would need it shipped to Brisbane Australia, 4520, if that is ok with you? Happy to pay the asking price and shipping costs (so long at the UPS rate is reasonable - bit out of your control though), particularly as you are packaging it up for me.
A better email contact for me is [email protected]

Howard Jones

Send me a complete shipping address. I will go to UPS and ask them how much. If you feel better you can simply send the address via PM. I will respond there and you can decide what you want to do. Sorry for the delay. I have been out of town for the last 10 days or so.

Howard Jones

Mike, I sent you shipping cost. Since it is very expensive I assume you are no longer interested. Thank you for you interest.

Still for sale: $250 USD or offer you pay shipping. (note) new from. RCR is approximately $500 .