Slc Simple safety tips


While i was working on my slc in the beginning I carried 100 grit sandpaper. I sanded the sharp /rough edges of the car as I worked and sanded all parts as well for sharp edges Only takes a couple of minutes..otherwise your going to see blood spots everywhere.. wondering "where the heck did that come from"? Then you have to check your body twice before you notice the sharp cut on your If they don't get you now they'll get you's all fun and games ....till someone catches a juggler!!!..(omg be safe!!) Just a funny friendly reminder....
Ppe is always good advice too. If you’re not working with power tools a set of mechanics’ gloves are a must, dust masks too for sanding. I’ve long gotten tired of shredded hands after working on things or blowing my nose and having unusual colors exit. Probably shaved some time off my life when nobody cared much about that stuff in my younger years.

Venius, why not start a build thread for yourself? Be a lot easier for people to follow your progress and see how you worked through things.


I was just starting with how/ what /when /why etc. direct questions and references where to find them. I'm going to for sure share my build. But please follow Jeff w -FlyinJ..mask/ ppe gear is a must!!!
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Howard Jones

I have had several of these over the years.. They work very well and are not expensive. You can paint, sand, clean with solvents, cut metal, etc. They will filter out nearly all dust, and most vapors. They are known as duel filter P100 type half masks. The filters are replaceable and about 60 % of the total cost. Get one that the face cover is made of Silicone Material as this kind is comfortable.

Here is an Amazon example with both particulate and vapor filters, you can use one alone or both together. 3M is a good brand and the filter are wildly available.

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