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  • I am dismantling three of my radar trailers and the masts hav 12 ft masts built into the roof and floor. To get these out - they are rather heavy - I need a forklift to be quite tll to do it. If any of you live in the home counties area and know of one please let me know.
    David, i too had that experience 4 years ago had a heart attack sitting in my Gp's waiting room of all places, resulted in a triple by pass and a 3 moth stay in hosp, when i came out i was smoke free for two years , then started with the occasional puff as you do then back on them again like a dick, but i now have emphphasema and have to give them away for good.

    cheers John
    Hi David

    I have that as simply chassis number 4186. So 41st chassis made buildt in 1986. That is all the info I have on it.


    Mother of ALL Infidel/KAFARS,

    What the heck are you up to?? No good for sure,,,raising hell and paying the bill no doubth! I am doing the same,,,, God to hear fom ya :)
    My Kafar brother,
    At this very moment I am in California, but in 2 weeks, I will be in Mexico. I hope all is well with you.

    Thanks for the kind note David. Our plans are a bit fluid as we're still trying to locate a tour. I'd like to stay a week as it's been several years since we've been to the UK. I'll certainly let you know. It would be wonderful to finally meet.

    a.k.a. Pat Chaffin
    All ok here but this is weird - I dont get any notification of these messages, its only when I happen to remember that i check and find them.
    Congratulations on getting Le Mans again David, things are looking up.
    Hi David,

    Hope all is well in downtown Marlow, I'm not sure if you are able to do this remote but I need some accurate weather forecasting for here in Australia (Sydney) for Friday 5th Dec. We have a full test day scheduled with a cast of thousands (well ten at least) the local reports talk about showers which is no use to me at all. Do you do "Pro Bono " work ? I need to know if I should cancell the team and try & minimise the cost/loss, a big request but any assistance would be appreciated.

    Oliver is set to run in Audi again next year & it appears he will get an '08 car


    а откуда вы знаете русский?ток что нет совсем чертежей именно рамы?профили кузова у меня есть в наличии.помогите пожалуйста,просто я на этом сайте новичёк.но про Форд 40 знаю много и мечтаю о нём
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