FS USA "SOLD" 1964 289 HIPO Motor For Sale "SOLD"

Vinny P

Price reduced
I965 HIPO motor for sale, date code 1964
This is the real deal 271HP motor
Correct HIPO heads with solid lifters
Correct Hipo water pump
Correct Hipo fuel pump
Correct HIPO harmonic balancer.
Correct 4bbl intake
Correct dual distributor
Correct large flywheel
Vintage MT valve covers
Original oil pan
5 bolt bell housing
Comes with an additional chrome oil pan

I could not find any numbers on the block. The owner of the original 1965 HIPO Mustang told me that his block does not have numbers on it as well, and that some of these 1964 built blocks did not have part numbers on them.
Motor turns freely and was out of a running car. It has been sitting in storage for many years.

I also Have a top loader 4spd gearbox, bellhousing assy, and original shifter and linkage to be listed separately.

I bought this motor from a gentleman that purchased this motor for a spare motor for his 101% original HIPO 1965 Mustang. (shown in photo) Photos are to show the originality of the HIPO motor in the car with correct harmonic balancer, fuel pump, water pump etc. to compare it to motor for sale.

I was originally going to have the motor rebuilt and install it in my RCR 40 but decided to go in a different direction and purchased a 351 stroked to 427 EFI motor from Prestige Motorsports. I am asking $7,995 for the motor.

Motor is located in Rocky Point Long Island NY USA


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