Superformance wheels wanted

Doug Dyar

No one has been able to sell me a set of 15" wineglass style wheels in the correct backspacing and pin count. BRM, yes. Cobra II, yes. Wineglass, no.

Brian Stewart
I got these (15", 3 piece) from Image Wheels in the UK. Was able to specify backspace, number of pins, and pin spacing. Photos show them as they came, and after I had added a ring to eliminate the sharp delineation from rim to centre.

Wheels before copy.jpg
Tyres copy.JPG


Nice looking wheels. I asked because I had not seen 3-piece wheels fastened together with tapped holes. My Jongbloed wheels are bolted together with a dense pattern of socket head bolts with prevailing torque lock nuts on the inside. These are on my street car. Jongbloed made all their wheels this way back when the company "Jongbloed Modular Wheels" was owned by Bill Jongbloed. The spun aluminum wheel halves bolt together with a magnesium center.